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Exhibits, drawing, art challenges… What else?

Winter is a great time to challenge myself. I hate the cold and prefer to hybrinate inside next to my warm… sewing machine.

I finally decided to start taking drawing classes and they have really made a difference. I have learned a ton about perspective and rules of drawing. I drew a self portrait, which everyone agrees looks like someone or everyone in my family. I think it’s a great start! Naomi Ocean, my art teacher and Riki Metz my fellow art student are both incredibly supportive and share so much knowledge. Thanks you guys! Continue Reading →

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Drawing Classes: Wow! I can draw!

Pencil Drawing of Yorick

Drawing classes, what a wonderful surprise. I found out I can draw!!! What an amazing discovery. You need a pencil or two, an eraser and a lot of patience. I have a long way to go, but it is a beginning. Now I will tell you a little about what I learned.

I had an epiphany towards the end of the year and I didn’t want to wait till 2014 to start. I thought that if I could improve my drawing skills, my artwork would benefit all around. I sought out a local teacher and thankfully found a talented, creative, energetic art teacher, named Naomi Ocean.

My first real project was of Poor Yorick (Hamlet). I worked on him for 3-4 weeks together with Naomi’s guidance and help. Who knew what one could do with a pencil and an eraser and a lot of precision? The pencil strokes and shading form the face and the background. You can’t just have an image floating on the page though. It has to have a background, right? Shading the background is how you make the focus of your drawing pop. You shade with a pencil but you draw with a pencil and an eraser. Lighter areas are brought out by erasing lightly. It’s all so basic, but not at all simple. I am sure that with these new skills I will find painting with thread even more fun than before. Here are a few shots of Yorick. Let me know what you think of him…


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What do stained glass and quilting have in common?

Last week at the summer workshops of the Israel Quilters Association a group of us learned what stained glass and quilting have in common. The class was taught by my friend and teacher, Phyllis Cullen, the innovator of this technique.
The stained glass fabrics that worked best were vivid batiks, marbles and small prints. The designs we worked on, based on patterns that Phyllis supplied, were all set on black backgrounds. Then we were taught the tricks of fitting the patterns together and quilting the pieces. One new friend finished the quilt during the one-day class. I managed to finish the quilt top. It was a lovely, inspiring day.
Here is Phyllis teaching and another shot of some stained glass quilts that Phyllis made.
Phyllis Stained Glass Continue Reading →

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My student completed her quilt: Joseph and his crazy quilted technicolor dream coat

Crazy quilted coat

Crazy quilted coat

I have been teaching classes in creating art quilts and recently my student, Riki Metz, completed a year-long project as a gift for her daughter. The quilt came out amazing! Way to go, Riki!
Riki's Technicolor Dream Coat

This is what Riki wrote at the end of the project:
“Last year I came up with the idea of having a quilt made for my
daughter Nediva’s bat mitzvah. I took the design to Cindy because I
knew that she would make a truly wonderful quilt — one that Nediva
would cherish all her life.
When Cindy saw the design, she asked me a question. “Can you use a sewing machine?”
“Yes,” I answered.
“You’re making that quilt,” said Cindy.
I gulped.”I don’t know anything about quilting,” I said.
“Then I will teach you,” said Cindy.
“You will make a quilt for Nediva. It will be meaningful to both of you.”

Cindy helped me choose the material and gave me step-by-step
instrucions on what to buy. She suggested that we use crazy quilting
to create Yosef’s coat. Then we sat together every week for two hours
and worked for about a year. Cindy is an extremely patient teacher.
She shares her hard earned knowledge generously. And she’s great fun
to be with. Not only did I have a teacher, I soon had a friend.

I am looking forward to making many more quilts with Cindy.
Riki Metz”

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Portrait art class: I can draw faces!

Female faceI had the most inspiring experience on Thursday. I went to see my artist friend, Malka Partouch, who taught me the techniques of drawing faces.

Now I know I still need a lot of practice and I know it isn’t perfect, but the face I drew looks like a person. What’s more it looks like the original image I was trying to imitate. We worked from a series of books published by Walter Foster. It opened a whole new world for me. Very exciting! We looked at the intricacies of the features of the face; the shape of each features; the direction and placement of eyes, lips, nose. Once we studied each feature it wasn’t so bewildering. I drew the face you see here with an HB pencil on a sketch pad.

I intend to use this new knowledge in my quilting. As a matter of fact, there is a new challenge coming up in May for the Israel Quilters Association entitled “The Many Faces of Jerusalem.” Seems like the perfect opportunity to try my hand at faces in fabric. If you are interested in finding out more details about this challenge, feel free to contact me.

Now, about my friend Malka. She is an artist from France who teaches art classes in Beit Shemesh and paints wonderfully. In addition she runs a successful bride salon from her home. You can find out more about her salon at this link: Salon Victorine or write to her at: [email protected]

One last comment. I bought a copy of a Walter Foster book at an art shop on Bezalel Street on Friday. I had the best time visiting the art supply shops there. Afterwards I spoke at length to an artist selling her jewelry at a table along Bezalel Street. We had a really interesting chat about running a small business and selling high-end art. That seems to be the place to do it on Fridays in the Jerusalem area. There is traffic: buyers, tourists… It was so good to connect and share ideas with other artists. It was a real inspiration.

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Women’s needle felting craft event held in Beit Shemesh

Last night we had a lovely, creative needle felting event at our local synagogue in Beit Shemesh. Fifteen women attended and left at the end of the evening with beautifully crafted needle felted art. I taught the craft and supplied the materials. The foam upon which the women worked came from a mattress my son cut up for me… My husband graciously hammered the needles into corks so they could be held easily. I bought the materials at a local shop in Nes Ziona. It all took some orchestrating, but it worked out very well. My friend Eileen organized the event on behalf of the synagogue. Thanks, Eileen!

As you can see from the photos some women followed photos they brought with them. Some worked from their imagination. The result was that they enjoyed, relaxed and had a very nice time.

Eileen sent out a mail at the end… “A great big thank you to Cindy Richard for teaching a wonderful class on needle felting. The women’s evening last night was fun filled and relaxing. Cindy taught us the craft of needle felting which was enjoyed by all the attendees. At the end of the evening we each took home our own beautifully handcrafted picture. Thank you to Cindy and all the women that attended!”

Needle felting women's eventNeedle felting women's eventNeedle felting women's eventLorien is needle feltingShoshana is needle feltingRachel and Berta Shoshana are needle feltingRuth is needle feltingLaurie is needle feltingAndy and Shoshana are needle felting
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Needle felt bat mizvah activity is a great success

Bat Mizvah Needle Felting Activity
Thursday night Shulamit Montel and her friends enjoyed needle felting landscapes during Shulamit’s bat mizvah party. I taught a group of 12 year old girls to create needle felted designs during an hour-long activity. My daughter and I brought all the supplies and prepared kits to the hall. Each girl was able to choose a design she wanted to make. At the end of the activity each girl had a lovely keepsake to take home.

According to Judy Montel, Shulamit’s mom, “Shulamit and her friends, both her school friends and her bnei akiva friends, had a wonderful time with the project, and so did her cousins”.

Here are some photos from the event.

Shulamit Montel needle feltingNeedle Felting Activity Cindy Richard, Needle felt teacher
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I am teaching fiber art quilting classes: Artistic quilt scenes

I teach fiber art quilting classes.

Have you ever looked out the window and thought, “I would love to capture this scene in a quilt”? Now you can!

The technique taught in this class will enable you to capture your favorite scene in a photograph and create it in a beautiful quilt. Your palate will be fabric and your paint will be thread. You will be able to achieve depth and three-dimensional qualities, almost as if you can walk into the scene yourself.

Level of class: Intermediate

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PDF Tutorial: How to Make a Quilted Weekend Tote Bag

TOTE-TUTORIALFinally, here is your chance to make the ultimate weekend bag yourself in the exact colors you want, at your own leisure. This guide contains actual photos, clear descriptions and simple steps to enable you to create this bag with your own signature.

This lovely, handmade, multi-purpose small tote is a great gift idea. It’s handy for taking a few items and still looking fashionable without being loaded down. Tissues, keys, sunglasses and a book. What more do you need?

The dimensions of the finished bag are: 9″ back/front x 2.75″ side panel x 10″ long; 9.5″ handle drop (can be a short shoulder bag or hand-held)
23.5cm back/front x 7cm side panel x 25cm long; 24cm handle drop

The design includes straps that are filled with batting for added comfort. The bag has a cute flower that adds to its beauty.

I will email a PDF file of this tutorial upon receipt of your email address and payment. No shipment costs; no waiting!

*** Update***
I have also decided to provide this bag as a combination tutorial / fabric kit in case you don’t have time to shop for fabric. So, visit this second shop item if you prefer having the fabric provided!


Required materials for this Tote Bag

 Body of bag: ½ yard pre-quilted fabric or a pieced or plain top fabric with cotton batting and a back that you have quilted together measuring ½ yard
 Coordinating cotton thread
 Binding and Straps: ¼ yard coordinating cotton fabric
 Straps: 1” strip of batting cut into two pieces measuring 1” x 22”
 1 fat quarter lightweight cotton or rayon fabric for the flower
 Strong thread, such as a coated cotton or a polyester for hand sewing the flower
 1 button
 Sewing machine
 Walking foot (optional but recommended)
 Overlock foot (optional but recommended)
 Scissors
 Rotary board, ruler and cutter (optional)
 Iron
 Pins
 Hand sewing needle

Note to my fellow Etsy sellers: You are welcome to sell your finished bag but please limit the numbers so we can all benefit…

Please protect artistic works from misuse and illegal infringement by respecting the copyright laws connected with this original tutorial. All the images and instructional information contained in this tutorial belong solely to CindyRQuilts.

Thanks for visiting.

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Quilters happening in Jerusalem last week

The 2011 summer quilters event occurred in Jerusalem last week. Quilters from the Israel Quilters Organization (www.israeli-quilt.com) gathered to learn and share ideas during a three-day get away held in Beit v’Gan, Israel. The events were well attended and included two days of inspiring workshops.
Singed fabric
I attended a class led by Carmela Zak (http://www.thimblecollectors.com/reg_-_intl_groups.htm), which included singeing synthetic fabrics with a solder iron. The textures created by the layers of singed fabrics resulted in a very unusual effect. Singed fabric class
Embroidery lesson



The second half of the class was devoted to embroidery. Carmella took us through the world of embroidery and showed us a number of stitches that we will be able to use on these projects and any future quilts.
In addition, other workshops offered during the get-away included Crazy Quilting, Collage, Baltimore Design, and more. The evening events were punctuated by a concert of two harpists and a flutist. The head of the Israel Quilters Organization, Clara Kichel (www.clarakichel.co.il), together with the other members of the committee who arranged the events, did an amazing job. It was a great experience.

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