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Women’s needle felting craft event held in Beit Shemesh

Last night we had a lovely, creative needle felting event at our local synagogue in Beit Shemesh. Fifteen women attended and left at the end of the evening with beautifully crafted needle felted art. I taught the craft and supplied the materials. The foam upon which the women worked came from a mattress my son cut up for me… My husband graciously hammered the needles into corks so they could be held easily. I bought the materials at a local shop in Nes Ziona. It all took some orchestrating, but it worked out very well. My friend Eileen organized the event on behalf of the synagogue. Thanks, Eileen!

As you can see from the photos some women followed photos they brought with them. Some worked from their imagination. The result was that they enjoyed, relaxed and had a very nice time.

Eileen sent out a mail at the end… “A great big thank you to Cindy Richard for teaching a wonderful class on needle felting. The women’s evening last night was fun filled and relaxing. Cindy taught us the craft of needle felting which was enjoyed by all the attendees. At the end of the evening we each took home our own beautifully handcrafted picture. Thank you to Cindy and all the women that attended!”

Needle felting women's eventNeedle felting women's eventNeedle felting women's event Lorien is needle feltingShoshana is needle feltingRachel and Berta Shoshana are needle felting Ruth is needle feltingLaurie is needle feltingAndy and Shoshana are needle felting
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Needle felt bat mizvah activity is a great success

Bat Mizvah Needle Felting Activity
Thursday night Shulamit Montel and her friends enjoyed needle felting landscapes during Shulamit’s bat mizvah party. I taught a group of 12 year old girls to create needle felted designs during an hour-long activity. My daughter and I brought all the supplies and prepared kits to the hall. Each girl was able to choose a design she wanted to make. At the end of the activity each girl had a lovely keepsake to take home.

According to Judy Montel, Shulamit’s mom, “Shulamit and her friends, both her school friends and her bnei akiva friends, had a wonderful time with the project, and so did her cousins”.

Here are some photos from the event.

Shulamit Montel needle feltingNeedle Felting Activity Cindy Richard, Needle felt teacher
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Field of Poppies in Needle Felt

Field of PoppiesIsrael’s national flower is the poppy. In the spring, fields are carpeted with these amazing wild flowers of red petals with black centers. I had this in mind when I composed me latest needle felt design, which I call ” Field of Poppies”.

It’s made of a medley of wool fibers sculpted together in a soothing composition. I hope you like it.

It’s available on my Etsy shop. So, come visit.


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Needle felting is definitely fiber art!

I’ve discovered another loved fiber art technique: Needle felting! It’s great fun made by hand from pure wool fibers. The basics are that you use special needles with barbs along the shaft. These barbs help to weave the fibers of the wool as you punch the fibers on a felt base.

I’ve learned so much from others who enjoy felting and are incredibly talented at it.
Visit Debra at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Deebs. Her work is amazing and she has been kindly sharing her knowledge with me. Debra refers to this process as “wool painting”.

Together with my friend Marina we have been creating beautiful artwork using this technique. Just today we spread out Merino wool fibers in a wet felt process and made felt mats, which will be used as the basis for later art projects.

Here are a couple of examples of some new pieces I made this week that are for purchase via my Etsy shop.

Let me know if you want to learn to do this. It’s handmade so required supplies basically consist of wool fibers and needles. I found a local store to buy the supplies, called HabayitShelBitik.

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