Artist Statement

My creative process begins with a photograph of a unique, engaging moment, often taken during hikes and family outings. Many of my portrait quilts focus on unexpected poses and expressions made by family members and wildlife.

I challenge myself to capture the essence of each subject in my fabric stories by revealing a fleeting smile or a casual wink or a shrug. Hard at Work exhibits a charged atmosphere because of the subject’s masculine stance.

My more dramatic works reflect an evocative message I want to project to the viewer. Caged In shows a lonely elephant in captivity and is meant to raise an awareness of animal rights. The composition of a partial view of the animal emphasizes the bold, sad eye between the bars.

Sometimes though, my reason for making a quilt is to capture a sweet event that touches my heart. These compositions range from comforting and familial to humorous. Best Buddies is a humorous work of a dog and a man with the same goofy expression.

I contrast light and dark values and juxtapose different textures to create an illusion of depth and volume. I use layers of tulle, my signature fabric, to blend shadows in each scene in a realistic way. Finally, I use quilting lines to follow the contours of each shape and to further define facial features.