Artist Statement

I started quilting 26 years ago after immigrating to Israel from the US. While raising young kids and working a full-time, highly technical job, quilting was a much needed diversion. I took a basic class with a local teacher and was immediately drawn to everything about the process: the fabric, color, value and texture. Whenever possible I stole moments to run to the sewing machine. My first quilt took 10 years to complete because it was hand-quilted in 15-minute intervals. Then I took a quilted portrait class, discovered the world of quilt art, and have never looked back!

Quilt art is a way to tell a story through color and values in cloth. As a writer, I find this format very appealing because it is an extension of the written word.

My creative process begins with a photograph of a unique moment, usually taken during hikes and family outings. Many of these portrait quilts focus on unexpected poses and expressions made by family members.

I create fabric collages using raw-edge applique and lots of thread work, specifically concentrating on the contours and anatomy to bring each subject to life. Free-motion quilting enhances the texture of the work, and tulle in every possible color adds shadows and depth to the scene.

The unique flavor of Israel entices me. I use art to enable people who have never walked the streets of Jerusalem or smelled the spices in the market to sense the atmosphere. This is my quiet way of showing the world the beauty here.