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Quilters happening in Jerusalem last week

The 2011 summer quilters event occurred in Jerusalem last week. Quilters from the Israel Quilters Organization (www.israeli-quilt.com) gathered to learn and share ideas during a three-day get away held in Beit v’Gan, Israel. The events were well attended and included two days of inspiring workshops.
Singed fabric
I attended a class led by Carmela Zak (http://www.thimblecollectors.com/reg_-_intl_groups.htm), which included singeing synthetic fabrics with a solder iron. The textures created by the layers of singed fabrics resulted in a very unusual effect. Singed fabric class
Embroidery lesson



The second half of the class was devoted to embroidery. Carmella took us through the world of embroidery and showed us a number of stitches that we will be able to use on these projects and any future quilts.
In addition, other workshops offered during the get-away included Crazy Quilting, Collage, Baltimore Design, and more. The evening events were punctuated by a concert of two harpists and a flutist. The head of the Israel Quilters Organization, Clara Kichel (www.clarakichel.co.il), together with the other members of the committee who arranged the events, did an amazing job. It was a great experience.

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