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Teaching quilting can be so fulfilling and fun… also for the teacher!

Teaching quilting can be so fulfilling and fun… also for the teacher! It is a great atmosphere for sharing ideas and learning. This is how my morning went…

I taught two classes this morning. The first is an ongoing applique / crazy quilt class. We are having a lovely time and the project is moving along at a nice clip. It will be a Bat Mizvah gift for my student’s daughter.

The second class was with Tracey, an experienced sewer who wanted tips and instruction on the actual quilting of her project. We had a really nice time as well. At the end of this second session, Tracey left with a basically finished quilt and the inspiration to work on some other quilts in the set she selected. This is what Tracey wrote on our local chat list:

Unsolicited recommendation for Cindy Richard, sewing/quilting teacher

I have had two really fun and informative lessons with Cindy Richard. I’d started a quilt and got to the point where I didn’t have the
confidence to carry on by myself.  I booked two sessions with Cindy who is patient and fun.  She is a wonderful teacher and gave me the
confidence to do my homework 🙂 by myself.  I love my quilt and have the tools and confidence to make the rest of the set.  Now I just need the time 🙂
Call Cindy on 0777994225  She lives in Bet Shemesh or visit her online shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/cindyrquilts

Thanks to both my students! You made my day! Thanks Tracey for your kind words!

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