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Hadassah Magazine feature: Patchwork Israel

Hadassah Magazine included an article about quilting in Israel in the current June / July 2011 edition of the magazine. They interviewed me with an emphasis on my personal connection to quilting. I hope you enjoy the article!

Windy Path fabric art

Windy Path. W: 19.5 in x H: 17.5 in. 2011.

Patchwork Israel

A turquoise blue Sea of Galilee seems to almost shimmer in a quilt by Cindy Richard, an American ola who translates Israeli landscapes into fabric form. In another quilt, the blooming pink of almond trees lines a quiet, curved path.

“My passion is for taking photos around the country and converting those scenes to the art. I love when people say, ‘That’s fabric?’” said Richard (www.cindyrquilts.com), who came to Israel from New York.

Distressed by Israel’s often negative image in the world, she said, “This is my way of showing some of the beauty found here in a very apolitical way.”

Richard is one of some 300 members of the Israel Quilters Organization (www.israeli-quilt.com). In towns and cities, members gather for quilting sessions and there are even two quilting shops in the country. Later this year, their annual exhibit will feature quilts celebrating the theme of kibbutzim in honor of the movement’s centennial. Richard’s contribution is a quilt depicting the view of Mount Gilboa from the fields of Kibbutz Shluhot in the Jordan Valley. —Dina Kraft


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