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Expo Patchwork & Quilt Exhibit, Mexico City: Fifteen by Fifteen

A special Expo Patchwork & Quilt Special Exhibit was held this past weekend at The World Trade Center in Mexico City. One of the exhibits was a series of works created by the 15 members of a group I belong to called Fifteen by Fifteen.

Fifteen by Fifteen is a group of like-minded textile artists from various places throughout the world, who have come together to participate in an art quilt challenge. Our artistic styles vary, but we share a love of art quilting, the desire to learn and experiment, and most importantly share and grow.

Below are images from the exhibit. One of the members, Genevieve Guadalupe is shown explaining about the artwork and about our group. I made the series of Cats, which are shown in detail on my website: Black and White Cat, Abstract Cat and Complementary Colors Cat.

The 15 artists:

  • Joan Brailsford – United Kingdom
  • Maryte Collard – Lithuania
  • Chantal Guillermet – France
  • Genevieve Guadalupe – South America
  • Helen Hazon – United Kingdom
  • Greetje Hein – The Netherlands
  • Caro Higgs – France
  • Eke Krug – Norway
  • Els Mommers – Dutch Caribbean
  • Cindy Kaye Richard – Israel
  • Sonia Flores Ruiz – Mexico
  • Susan Slesinger – United States of America
  • Ann Turley – Unites States of America
  • Bozena Wojtaszek – Poland
  • Paoli Zanda – Switzerland

Visit the Fifteen by Fifteen website.

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Quilting Arts Magazine published my art quilt. Our cat is famous!

The Dec / Jan issue of Quilting Arts Magazine features the Pet Peeves Challenge. The magazine accepted many of the small quilts that were sent in for the challenge and printed photos of the quilts. I am pleased to share this link to the magazine, which shows the table of contents of this issue.
Quilting Arts Dec / Jan Table of Contents
And some photos…

Cat in Fridge fabric art

Cat in Fridge. W: 8.5 in x H: 11 in. 2011.

Quilting Arts Dec/Jan cover

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Watch for my quilt in Quilting Arts Magazine

Cat in fridge finalThe staff of Quilting Arts Magazine decided to include many of the quilts they received for the “Greatest Pet Peeve” Reader Challenge” in the Dec/Jan 2011 issue. So, I am happily mailing my quilt off to the magazine. I’ll keep you posted. I’m very excited at the prospect of seeing my work in print. Friskers, the main character of my cat-scape was thrilled as well. She was rewarded with some tuna. She didn’t ask why, she just ate it all…

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Final landscape, cat-scape

Cat in fridge finalIt’s done! Bound, sewn and delivered. I hope it’s a finalist. It was really fun to do.
I tried to bring out the three-dimensional quality of the scene. I wanted you, the viewer, to understand that you and a cat are looking at a fridge with lots of stuff on the shelves.

The closeup view shows the cat and her long white whiskers peering and sniffing at the contents of the fridge. Cat in fridge final closeup

I used cotton fabric, cotton thread, some synthetic fabric, some stabilizer and tulle. (The door is meant to be a little fuzzy because of the plastic shelving, which I made with tulle.)
The batting is Warm and Natural, cotton batting. The final size is 8.5″ x 11″.

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The next stages of my landscape or should I say, cat-scape…

Did I mention I plan to enter this miniature quilt into a challenge? It’s due next week. Quilting Arts Magazine is running the “Greatest Pet Peeve” Reader Challenge”. I thought it would be fun, since I live in a “cat house” and there are more than a few feline antics to choose from. I debated whether a cat in the fridge would be more amusing than a cat drinking from a coffee mug. My faithful audience, aka my family, told me that the cat in the fridge was clearly the choice!
Cat in fridge (prequilted)
So, here are the next stages I’ve worked up of my cat-scape. The first is before quilting. I’ve made real strides to show the depth into the fridge.

Cat in fridge (quilted)
The second shot is after quilting. I chose not to do an enormous amount of thread painting, because I wanted the items in the fridge to be recognizable. They are not artistic images; they are bottles of juice, containers of milk and pots.
I’d be glad to hear what you think! Do you see the three-dimensional quality of this work? Our fridge really looks this way. You can’t see the back!

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New landscape quilt on its way: This one is in the fridge though

Photo of Cat in Fridge I can’t resist doing this new landscape quilt. Who says a landscape has to be trees and grass? Why not an everyday view, like inside your fridge? Well some in our family think that is better than the outdoors. Here is proof. So, this is the inspiration. More to come as I progress. Since we are known as a “cat house” it seems just right. More to come…

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May the judging begin: Quilt entered in contest

I mailed my Crab photos today. Maybe The Crab will be selected. Thanks to all who commented for your insight and help. January 21, 2011 the magazine will announce the finalists.

Now, on to the next project…


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Another crab siting

Ok, so the crab is in the shadows and the sun, but who took away the rocks? This time I went for grass and rocks. Here is the current result.

Crab in progress4

I can show this without the rocks as well. Here goes.

Crab without rocks5

Which one???
I still need to deal with the top, left corner. Looking forward to your thoughts.

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