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Everyone come to the fair! Etz Chaim, Beit Shemesh. Thursday, 27 Feb. @ 5-9pm

Decorative fiber bowls

Decorative fiber bowls

Well, it’s time for the fair. I am in frenzy mode. Working… Creating… Not sleeping… The house is a mess and I haven’t done any of the other tasks one should do when running a business EXCEPT making new stuff for the fair. It will be at our synagogue, Etz Chaim in Beit Shemesh on Thursday, 27 Feb. from 5-9 pm. I have been racking my brain to come up with some new artful, yet functional items. I think I have done it. You will tell me, I am sure. So, please come see me at the event.

There will be a bake sale in addition and something else they call a “White Elephant”. You know the adage, someone’s stuff is someone else’s treasure… That’s the Elephant part of the event.

I look forward to seeing you there. Come find something special for your self or the perfect gift and support exceptional, colorful, handmade art and craft at my table. Thanks!

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Social media and small businesses discussion

This is not actually off topic if you have a small quilting business like I have. I just watched an interesting short video interview with Anita Campbell, founder of Small Business Trends and BizSugar, and author of Visual Marketing. The interview is hosted on SocialMedia Examiner. Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner.

The biggest take away for me was her comment that “one should think of their online presence as their shop. Would you leave your shop for weeks and months without sweeping the floors and cleaning the cobwebs?” If you would care about your bricks and mortar shop, so too should you care about your website. Give it attention. Update it. I will take this advice under advisement…

Enjoy the video.

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No time to quilt? How can that be?

I haven’t been able to quilt the last two days. I have been focused on work on the computer. I am combining my website and blog in WordPress. It’s coming along quite nicely but it’s an ambitious endeavor. I’ll write again when I am ready to launch.

At the same time, I am also trying to reach out to people to help them build online shops. It’s not effective to limit sales to our local market, so I have been selling on Etsy. I thought I might be able to help other crafters / artists do the same. I build shops and teach users to maintain their shops.

All this activity is well and good, but when does a person get to quilt? It’s time for me to take a break and create something in fabric.

You know where to find me!

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Etsy symposium hits the craft community

Yesterday EtsyEtsy Symposium graciously held an insightful, inspirational symposium to help crafters learn what we all need to do to succeed in our businesses. The symposium, entitled

Success on Etsy Symposium:  Let’s Get Off Our Butts: Building a Responsive Business

ran 6 1/2 hours (with some breaks) and was well attended locally as well as online through a live feed that reached about 2000 viewers.

All the sessions will be archived here:
http://community.etsy.com/selling/etsy-success-symposium Continue Reading →

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Etsy shop / TAFA forum

I feel like I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve been really busy stocking my Etsy shop with all my wonderful quilted projects. You can visit my shop if you want to see what I am offering. http://www.etsy.com/shop/cindyrquilts

I also found a great Textile and Fiber Art forum called TAFA. Rachel Biel is in charge of the entire operation and she is great. It’s an online list for networking among fiber artists. I am really happy to be an invited member of TAFA. Visit my new profile: http://www.tafalist.com/2010/12/cindyrquilts.html

If you want to become part of TAFA, let me know and I’ll introduce you to Rachel.

More show and tell to come. Have a good weekend!

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