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Everyone come to the fair! Etz Chaim, Beit Shemesh. Thursday, 27 Feb. @ 5-9pm

Decorative fiber bowls

Decorative fiber bowls

Well, it’s time for the fair. I am in frenzy mode. Working… Creating… Not sleeping… The house is a mess and I haven’t done any of the other tasks one should do when running a business EXCEPT making new stuff for the fair. It will be at our synagogue, Etz Chaim in Beit Shemesh on Thursday, 27 Feb. from 5-9 pm. I have been racking my brain to come up with some new artful, yet functional items. I think I have done it. You will tell me, I am sure. So, please come see me at the event.

There will be a bake sale in addition and something else they call a “White Elephant”. You know the adage, someone’s stuff is someone else’s treasure… That’s the Elephant part of the event.

I look forward to seeing you there. Come find something special for your self or the perfect gift and support exceptional, colorful, handmade art and craft at my table. Thanks!

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Fashion show fundraiser for local children’s services organization: Mercaz Rakefet

Models with my bags

On Dec 7th there was a fashion show held as a fundraiser for a local children’s services organization in our area of the world. Fashions of all sorts and colors were shown and modeled by volunteers who banded together to help raise money for this group, which assists kids with learning disabilities. So many people have used these services; so many kids have benefited from them. Even my kids went there.
I had a table at the event filled with all my new work — lots of bags and belts and scarves. Danielle, my daughter, came to help me out. Here are some photos… Thanks Danielle!

Table of CindyRQuilts goodsFashion show tableDanielle and I at the fashion show
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Want to come to a fashion show and help learning disabled kids too?

Mercaz Rakefet is running an incredibly fun fundraising event for women. Rakefet provides developmental therapies for children in Bet Shemesh.

Ladies, come on out and show your support for all the designers! I will have a table and my accessories, such as quilted bags and silk scarves, will be modeled on the runway!!

7 December 2011 at Kibbutz Zora


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