Emma’s Horizon

Width: 38 cm (15 in)
Height: 38 cm (15 in)
Technique: Raw-edge appliqué, free motion quilting, hand-sewn faced binding
Materials: Cotton batik fabrics, tulle, cotton/polyester batting, cotton/polyester threads, fusing material, stabilizer
Colors: Blue, white, fucsia, skin tones, gold
Artist Statement: I tried to think of an unexpected take on the concept of horizons. While playing peek-a-boo with my granddaughter, Emma, it suddenly struck me. Everyone’s horizon or viewpoint is unique to each person. Emma, a one-year-old, who is learning everything from scratch has a fresh, new horizon. The simplest of activities delight her. Every experience shapes her and molds her thoughts and opinions, which is evident in her personal horizon. In this quilt Emma was peeking at me through a window in a playhouse. From her little world, safe in the playhouse, she could watch her larger surroundings.
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