New Life in an Old Land

Width: 76 cm (30 in)
Height: 106.5 cm (42 in)
Techniques: Raw-edge appliqué, thread painting, snippets, fabric collage, free-motion quilting, hand bound.
Materials: Cotton batik fabric, tulle, cotton/polyester batting, cotton and polyester threads, fusing material.
Colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, sky blue, beige.
Artist Statement: A new baby is a wonderful addition that alters the balance of everyone’s lives in his sphere. My life as a new grandmother is changing as my relationship with my own child, now a mother, is transformed. The balance of our family, which revolves around this delightful baby, who is quickly becoming his own person, is achieving a different equilibrium. Mostly though, our home is a happy place, brightened by his wide smile, his contagious giggle and his displays of affection. We balance in life like one standing on a cliff holding a baby above!
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