Studio Dancers


Width:114.5 cm (45 in)
Height:155 cm (61 in)
Techniques:Pieced background, trapunto appliqué of silhouetted figures, raw edge appliqué, free motion quilting, hand bound
Materials:Cotton batik fabric, cotton/polyester batting, cotton, polyester and metallic threads, fusing material
Colors:Gold, white, blue, green, black
Artist Statement:I wanted to create an art quilt of sexy dancers in a dance studio after I was inspired by the flowing movement of dancers I witnessed at a dance performance recently.
The focus of the piece is silhouetted dancers in a studio. I thread painted their musculature using warm colored thread. I used trapunto applique so the dancers would also pop. The walls are white brocade, accentuated with free motion quilting throughout. The window is stripped piecing with metallic thread painting. A fine embroidered border surrounds the window. The studio floor tiles are exactly the right perspective so you feel like you are also standing in the studio.
Exhibitions:Mancuso Show
– West Palm Beach, FL, USA, Jan 2016
– Santa Clara, CA, USA, Nov 2015
– Oaks, PA, USA, Sep 2015
– Manchester, NH, USA, Aug 2015
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