Width: 38 cm (15 in)
Height: 38 cm (15 in)
Techniques: Layered collage, raw-edge appliqué, free motion quilting, pencil and marker highlighting, faced binding.
Materials: Cotton batik fabrics, tulle, cotton/polyester batting, cotton and polyester threads, fusing material.
Colors: Blue, green, white, skin tones, black.
Artist Statement: Birds fly. Airplanes fly. My son flies.
In the army, my son was a paratrooper. He jumped from a plane a number of times as part of his service. I guess, once he felt the wind blowing through his hair at a great height, he would always want more. So while travelling in South America, he glided through the air above the shores of Brazil. (My son is on the left.) This quilt is for my son. May he always follow his dreams – as long as I don’t know about it until he is back on the ground.
Exhibitions: “It’s All About the Face” virtual exhibit for Mancuso World Quilt Show, Aug 2021
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