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Quilters happening in Jerusalem last week

The 2011 summer quilters event occurred in Jerusalem last week. Quilters from the Israel Quilters Organization (www.israeli-quilt.com) gathered to learn and share ideas during a three-day get away held in Beit v’Gan, Israel. The events were well attended and included two days of inspiring workshops.
Singed fabric
I attended a class led by Carmela Zak (http://www.thimblecollectors.com/reg_-_intl_groups.htm), which included singeing synthetic fabrics with a solder iron. The textures created by the layers of singed fabrics resulted in a very unusual effect. Singed fabric class
Embroidery lesson



The second half of the class was devoted to embroidery. Carmella took us through the world of embroidery and showed us a number of stitches that we will be able to use on these projects and any future quilts.
In addition, other workshops offered during the get-away included Crazy Quilting, Collage, Baltimore Design, and more. The evening events were punctuated by a concert of two harpists and a flutist. The head of the Israel Quilters Organization, Clara Kichel (www.clarakichel.co.il), together with the other members of the committee who arranged the events, did an amazing job. It was a great experience.

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How do you make a field lie down?

This is a real question: How do you make a field lie down? I am working on a project right now that has a field of flowers followed by a green field. Oh, and the fields are created in fabric. Somehow they look as if they are standing up rather than lying down. Even though there are mountains in the far-away background, the front portion doesn’t appear flat.
Do you plant something in the field, like a vehicle, so the eye understands? I thought about a watering system, but the fields are sort of narrow.
So what do I do to fix that?
All thoughts and suggestions are welcome!

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Etsy Quiltsy team: Traveling quilt blocks

The Quiltsy Team on Etsy has organized a round robin quilt. This time the blocks come from all over the world, including Canada, Australia, Israel and many parts of the US. The pattern is log cabin and the color range is blues, greens and purples. Each time someone posts a block, she sends a photo with the block within a scene indigenous to her home. All the posts appear in the Quiltsy Blog.I took a photo of my block on a windy day while standing in front of the ancient wall at Tel Tzora, Israel, famous for Samson and Delilah, which is just a few minutes from our house.
Wikipedia writes: “Samson is believed to have been buried in Tel Tzora in Israel overlooking the Sorek valley. There reside two large gravestones of Samson and his father Manoah. Nearby stands Manoah’s altar (Judges 13:19-24). It is located between the cities of Tzorah and Eshtaol.”

Quiltsy round robin quilt block and me, in front of tel Beit Shemesh Log cabin block for Quiltsy quilt

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Critiquing my quilt art

Quilting Arts Magazine asked  about critiquing our quilt art work: with whom we meet to be critiqued and if this process is helpful and useful.

My family members offer the best critiques of my quilt art. My husband, an engineer, and my oldest daughter cannot look at my art quilts without checking the perspective. Artistic license is not a relevant excuse. The lines must be right or the work is rejected and sent back for corrections… Though somewhat drastic, I find their artistic critiques helpful and true. My son-in-law has his own way of viewing my work. His overview is also very helpful as well. Together with my son and youngest daughter they are all my cheering committee. Without their support and belief in me I would not keep going.

Thanks all of you <my ducks>!

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Art quilting bucket list

Pokey, from Quilting Arts Magazine asked what would be on our Art Quilting Bucket List, so here goes…

This year I made a conscious choice not to return to my hi-tech job and instead to try to quilt as a career.

My bucket list would be to figure out how to actually succeed at making a living at quilting. But not just quilting. I don’t want to make the small stuff that people think is nice to have and buy here and there. I want to create art quilts to die for and become known as the one who does those amazing scenes from the Holy land.

Here is my first attempt. What do you think?

Along the Jordan River

For purchase, see my Etsy shop.

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Fiber art is freeing

The difference between drawing with charcoal and drawing with thread on fabric is that you can touch the fabric. The textures can be an inspiration; the feel of the fabric and the smooth quality and softness can send your creative juices soaring. That’s my fiber thought of the day!

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Why is quilting important to me?

Being surrounded by beauty raises people’s spirits and outlook. I am very conscious of the harmony I create through color and choice of fabric. My favorite subjects are scenes from Israel. I love taking my own photographs and recreating them in fabric. I paint with thread much like a painter uses inks and paint. If you can walk into one of my scenes, I’ve done a good job!

See more of my work at www.cindyrquilts.com