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Art quilting bucket list

Pokey, from Quilting Arts Magazine asked what would be on our Art Quilting Bucket List, so here goes…

This year I made a conscious choice not to return to my hi-tech job and instead to try to quilt as a career.

My bucket list would be to figure out how to actually succeed at making a living at quilting. But not just quilting. I don’t want to make the small stuff that people think is nice to have and buy here and there. I want to create art quilts to die for and become known as the one who does those amazing scenes from the Holy land.

Here is my first attempt. What do you think?

Along the Jordan River fabric art

For purchase, see my Etsy shop.

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Pondering… How to face Monday morning?

I’m trying to convince myself that I should be up and running this Monday morning, January 3rd. It’s hard to pick up after a few days off and harder to keep going once projects have finished and the momentum has slowed.

I love quilting and I cherish alone time, but it can be really isolating sometimes. I hit the Web to see all the TAFA eye candy to try to give me a jump start. How do crafters keep moving and grooving, especially during this selling lull before us?

I’d love to hear how crafters motivate themselves… and keep motivating themselves.
Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting fellow crafters.

Visit TAFA at http://www.tafalist.com/.


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Why is quilting important to me?

Being surrounded by beauty raises people’s spirits and outlook. I am very conscious of the harmony I create through color and choice of fabric. My favorite subjects are scenes from Israel. I love taking my own photographs and recreating them in fabric. I paint with thread much like a painter uses inks and paint. If you can walk into one of my scenes, I’ve done a good job!

See more of my work at www.cindyrquilts.com


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