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Unity Quilts Israel

Unity quilts Israel 1 Sometimes good can come out of a horrible event. That’s what has occurred as a result of the brutal killings of three lovely, innocent teens in Israel. The Jewish population was galvanized to find the boys and once the truth was known — that they had been senselessly murdered — the country mourned together. As a result of their deaths, Israel retaliated, only to discover the dangers in Gaza that awaited us. I never think things happen just by chance. Continue Reading →

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Beit Shemesh women dance in Flashmob against the exclusion of women from the public domain

Flashmob Beit Shemesh (Photographed by Yissachar Ruas)

Flashmob Beit Shemesh (Photographed by Yissachar Ruas)

I realize this is a bit off topic, but I thought you might give me a bit of latitude. On Friday, Jan 6th, 2012, a group of 250 women from Bet Shemesh decided to raise their voices in full force against the exclusion of women from the public domain by holding a mass public dance in the city square. The women, residents of the city from all ages and sectors, religious, traditional and secular, gathered together in a flashmob dance, in the city square and started dancing towards a change.
Danielle (16) and I participated and it was an amazing boost. I havn’t felt so “part of something larger” in a long time! It was great energy, a lot of fun.

Official Bet Shemesh Women Flashmob

Just to fill you in, lately there has been a lot of negative news coming out of Beit Shemesh. An extreme faction of religious orthodox men in the city have been demonstratively belligerent to the modern orthodox community. The flashmob was an expression of women in our city. It was meant to show the world there is more to Beit Shemesh than has been in the news lately.

Thanks to Miri Shalem and Brenda Ganot for your hard work to make this happen.

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Egyptian Revolution Blues by Sandy Cash

Sandy Cash just came out with a brilliant, timely song about the current unrest in Egypt called Egyptian Revolution Blues. Don’t underestimate all the subtle and not-so subtle nuances of the story she retells. I’d say this is her best. It’s great! Take the time for a listen.

As Sandy says, “There’s not much time… after all, by tomorrow, everything could change!”

Egyptian Revolution Blues by Sandy Cash

Visit Sandy at: www.sandycash.com.

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At the risk of being political… Israeli paratrooper killed

This post isn’t about quilting. This post, at the risk of being political, is about an Israeli paratrooper named Nadav Rotenberg, who was killed by IDF mortar fire on Friday night. He was defending our border with Gaza where Hamas terrorists attempt to target IDF troops on patrol on a daily basis. He became another Gaza casualty.

Two years ago, Israel led a defensive measure, Cast Lead, against these mortar attacks from Gaza. There was a slow down in the number of attacks and Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians but it never became quiet on this border. Lately the number of rockets flying into Israel have been on the rise.
If this situation existed between the US and Canada, do you think it would continue? And if we did miraculously manage a peace plan with Fatah, do you think Hamas in Gaza would honor that peace and the rockets would stop? (For more information, see http://www.jpost.com/Defense/Article.aspx?id=202739.)

A reality I deal with daily is that my son is also a paratrooper. Any of our sons in combat could have been Nadav Rotenberg this weekend. Any of us mothers could have received this dreaded news. Is that what our 19-year-old sons should have to face so we can all live in some level of serenity? Is this what the mothers of our 19-year-old sons should have to fear?

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