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Commissioned quilt for Neil Diamond and his new wife Kathryn: A project from the stars!

Never underestimate the connections forged by using Facebook. One of my high school classmates and I were reconnected on Facebook during this year. We hadn’t been in touch in over 30 years! Anyway, she saw my quilt art and really liked it. Coincidentally, she was looking for a unique gift to bring as a wedding gift for her good friend, Neil Diamond,… the famous singer.
My friend asked me to come up with a few sketches. I thought of nothing else. I filled a sketch pad. It was the greatest challenge. A project from the Stars! I sent a few options to my friend and she really liked one of the ideas. The concept was that each had taken their own paths and finally met. Neil Diamond is originally from NY and the roots of his bride are in a village in Ireland. I used these images in the quilt, together with the idea of that they were on a journey that converged in their union. The quilt was to measure 90 x 120cm.
So, here is the sketch I began with. I’ll include more of the story and more pictures soon!

Final sketch: Neil Diamond

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