Practice can be a spiritual inspiration: A lesson in quilting feathers

There is a saying, “From your students you will be taught…” Here is a story about a good friend of mine, Riki, to whom I teach quilting. Riki has a special quality. She believes in the value of practice. She told me that she once learned with a music teacher as a girl who used to say:

“…Every song you sing should show some evolution from one to the next. Everyday practice is an occasion to evolve. When we practice, though it doesn’t seem like much, it is actually a spiritual event and should be treated as such…”
Riki keeps these words in mind as she works on any project. Continue Reading →

I’ve been published in Art Quilting Studio Magazine

art quilting studio magazineArt Quilting Studio magazine just came out with their Winter 2013 issue and guess what? I have a three-page spread in this issue. The topic of my piece is “From Photos to Quilts” where I discuss the process of creating quilts based on photos I have taken.
Here is the table of contents. It’s a quality trade magazine available at books stores, newsstands & online. Table of contents of Art Quilting Studio magazine

Etsy symposium hits the craft community

Yesterday EtsyEtsy Symposium graciously held an insightful, inspirational symposium to help crafters learn what we all need to do to succeed in our businesses. The symposium, entitled

Success on Etsy Symposium:  Let’s Get Off Our Butts: Building a Responsive Business

ran 6 1/2 hours (with some breaks) and was well attended locally as well as online through a live feed that reached about 2000 viewers.

All the sessions will be archived here: Continue Reading →