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New fashion shoulder bag inspired by our cousin

Danielle modelling shoulder bagWhat is the best market research? The commissioned work! Our cousin called and said she wanted a bag to give as a gift. But it needed a zipper and it had to have shoulder straps and maybe some pockets… Pockets are always good. Voila! The new fashion shoulder bag is born!
I just delivered the bag to her and she was really pleased. It is now available on Etsy. Comes in lots of batiks (options shown in the last image). It’s lightweight, colorful, fashionable and washable.
Come visit! Shoulder bag.

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Batik Quilted black & white weekend tote bag

Weekend Tote
I just released my new weekend tote bag! 110 ₪ / $30.
This lovely, handy, multi-purpose tote is made of vibrant batik quilted fabric and is a great gift idea for general use or for bringing to synagogue. It’s great for taking a few items and still looking fashionable without being loaded down. Tissues, keys, sunglasses and a book. What more do you need?

The bag has a cute flower that adds to its beauty. It’s light; it’s cute and it’s washable.
(Flower can be replaced with a Yo Yo if you prefer.)

Machine-pieced and machine-quilted 100% cotton fabric. Handles are filled with batting for added comfort.

9″ back/front x 2.75″ side panel x 10″ long; 9.5″ handle drop (can be a short shoulder bag or hand-held)
23.5cm back/front x 7cm side panel x 25cm long; 24cm handle drop

Comes in other colors as well for matching. Inquire! You can write to me at cindyrquilts@gmail.com or visit //www.etsy.com/listing/73675294/batik-quilted-black-white-weekend-tote

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Forest collection: By the lake

I visited Northern Israel over Sukkot and was inspired by scenes around the Jordan River. The view  was breathtaking. I decided to create one of the scenes in fabric. It’s an impressionistic rendering, but I think you will agree you can wade through the water to the edge of the trees. I used cotton fabric to create this quilt art. The batting is cotton as well. If you are interested in purchasing it, contact me here or via my Etsy shop, where you will see other pieces of mine that are also up for sale.
Here is a photo of “By the Lake”.

By the Lake

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Completed fabric art quilt of the Jordan River

If you look at my newest piece, Along the Jordan River, I hope you can imagine walking along the water’s edge in northern Israel. The water’s movement is achieved by shifting fabrics slightly to show the flow and direction of the water. My family tells me it looks like a painting to them, though I used only fabric, thread and yarn.

Jordan River art quilt
I learned the techniques for this piece at a workshop taught by Phyllis Cullen.

Available at my Etsy shop.