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Batik Quilted black & white weekend tote bag

Weekend Tote
I just released my new weekend tote bag! 110 ₪ / $30.
This lovely, handy, multi-purpose tote is made of vibrant batik quilted fabric and is a great gift idea for general use or for bringing to synagogue. It’s great for taking a few items and still looking fashionable without being loaded down. Tissues, keys, sunglasses and a book. What more do you need?

The bag has a cute flower that adds to its beauty. It’s light; it’s cute and it’s washable.
(Flower can be replaced with a Yo Yo if you prefer.)

Machine-pieced and machine-quilted 100% cotton fabric. Handles are filled with batting for added comfort.

9″ back/front x 2.75″ side panel x 10″ long; 9.5″ handle drop (can be a short shoulder bag or hand-held)
23.5cm back/front x 7cm side panel x 25cm long; 24cm handle drop

Comes in other colors as well for matching. Inquire! You can write to me at [email protected] or visit http://www.etsy.com/listing/73675294/batik-quilted-black-white-weekend-tote

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