Sole Mates

Width: 101.5 cm (40 in)
Height: 101.5 cm (40 in)
Cotton fabric, cotton batting, lace, cotton thread, swarovski crystals, cotton batiks
Colors: Purple, lavender
Artist Statement: Crazy Art Quilt Collection: Purple Maze is so vibrant and bright. It's hard to stop looking at it.
I used many, beautiful fabrics to design this wall hanging. Then I meticulously machine quilted in the ditch to enable different parts of the quilt to pop.
A quilt like this will be a spot of color and light on any wall! Makes a great wedding gift.
This crazy quilted design can be basically reproduced, though no two designs are exactly the same. Also, due to changes in hues and patterns, fabrics cannot be cut exactly the same each time. Available in other color ranges as well. So, contact me if you want this design in blues or greens or another choice instead of purples. I customize.


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