Width:38 cm (15 in)
Height:38 cm (15 in)
Techniques:Half raw edge appliqué, half pieced, free motion quilting, hand bound
Materials:Cotton batik fabric, tulle, cotton/polyester batting, cotton, polyester and metallic threads, fusing material
Colors:Pinks, blues, purples, black
Artist Statement:In this season, as the days grow shorter and the light lasts fewer hours each day, I am drawn to brighter colors. In my own way, I guess I find a way to surround myself with color and light.
I decided to use dark and super vivid colors for this piece. I surrounded the bright pinks and reds with dark blues, purple and black. I sewed strips to form traditional blocks and then I slashed them and reattached them in unexpected ways. I did not pay attention to the outcome, I just re-arranged the parts until I had a 15″ x 15″ finished block at the end.
This was the result.
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