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A glance at scenes of Israel through my eyes

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I hope you enjoy this slideshow of some of my newer pieces of quilt art.

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Wonderful exhibit of color opens at Beit Gavriel, Israel

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A wonderful exhibit of the color palette opened on Friday, 8 May 2015. The exhibit, which will run for the month of May is being shown at the gallery overlooking the Kineret in Beit Gavriel, Israel. The exquisite art is shown in lovely light across from a luscious view of the Sea of Galilee. The exhibit is run by the Israel Quilters Association .

My piece, Rainbows of the Jerusalem Market, is also showing.

Here are some photos from the exhibit showing some art belonging to some of my friends as well.


Unity Quilts Israel

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Sometimes good can come out of a horrible event. That’s what has occurred as a result of the brutal killings of three lovely, innocent teens in Israel. The Jewish population was galvanized to find the boys and once the truth was known — that they had been senselessly murdered — the country mourned together. As a result of their deaths, Israel retaliated, only to discover the dangers in Gaza that awaited us. I never think things happen just by chance.

The unity in the country brought about by these three boys has been miraculous. As a symbol of this unity Unity Quilts Israel was born. This is their message: “Welcome to Unity Quilts! Unity Quilts was created by two friends who are passionate about quilting: Minna and Elisheva. Our goal is to create quilts for the families of Naftali, Eyal and Gil-Ad, using blocks from Jewish quilters across Israel and the world, in the spirit of achdut (unity) that their families inspired.”

This is a venture that speaks to me in a very deep way. I decided to participate and will bring my blocks to Minna later today so they can be included in the quilts for the families of these boys. May they always be remembered.

three murdered teens Unity quilts Israel 1Unity Quilts Israel 2Unity quilts Israel 3

I would like to mention that this venture has made full circles around the world. I actually heard about it from a friend in Canada, who asked if I knew about the project. I checked it out only to find that it was initiated by women living in the town in which I live in Israel. That is how small the world really is!

Fiber art exhibit: Connecting Threads

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There is a an upcoming Fiber Art exhibit in Greater Hartford at the Mandell JCC, Chase Family Gallery.
The theme is Connecting Threads of Jewish artists around the world. The curator, Diane Cohen, made a promo video to show the exhibit quickly. Here is a link to the video.
Video of the exhibit

The exhibit runs from July 8 — Aug 31.
335 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford, CT
Opening July 8 6-8pm

connecting-threads poster

I am especially excited because I have 6 pieces in the exhibit! (Check out the top left piece on the poster!)
Come visit and enjoy.

Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) according to “The Quilt Lady”

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Last year at the summer workshops of the Israel Quilter’s Association I started a piece based on my photo at the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). The workshop was taught by Maya Schonenberger. It was great! Maya is exceptional. Her work is exquisite and we all learned tons. I finally finished the piece this week. It’s a really interesting technique that brings out the true texture of all the fabrics. The depth created by this technique is amazing! Well, you can be the judge. Here are some photos.
Dimensions: 22″ x 24″ / 56cm x 61cm

Kinneret Sea of Galilee in Fiber palm tree in the sun Lake Water

I won! My poppies are in the garden in Quilting Arts Magazine

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Quilting Arts Magazine ran a Reader’s Challenge: Come up with a quilt that fits the theme “In the Garden”. There were more than 150 submissions and 12 “winners”. My quilt, “Wild Poppies” made the cut and appears in the June-July 2014 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.
I based Wild Poppies on the fields of poppies that bloom every spring in Israel. Poppies are the national flower and when they start to bloom the fields are carpeted in red around the countryside. It’s an exquisite site!
The technique used for this piece is “stained glass”. The fabrics and batting are all cotton with a layer of tulle on top. Free motion quilted with cotton thread.
Below is a photo of the quilt in print and the cover of the magazine. To see more of the works and the magazine, visit Quilting Arts Magazine.

Quilting Arts June2014 Wild Poppies, In the Garden Reader's Challenge

Exhibits, drawing, art challenges… What else?

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Winter is a great time to challenge myself. I hate the cold and prefer to hybrinate inside next to my warm… sewing machine.

I finally decided to start taking drawing classes and they have really made a difference. I have learned a ton about perspective and rules of drawing. I drew a self portrait, which everyone agrees looks like someone or everyone in my family. I think it’s a great start! Naomi Ocean, my art teacher and Riki Metz my fellow art student are both incredibly supportive and share so much knowledge. Thanks you guys!

I decided to prepare a piece for the Color Palette challenge for the Israel Quilter’s Association. The piece made the cut and is now hanging in the Jerusalem Theater through 15 June 2014. There is an exhibit opening on Thur, 15 May 2014 if you want to join us there. All are welcome. Below is the invitation and a photo of my quilt.

My vision of color is the rainbow formed by fruit at the Jerusalem market, Mahaneh Yehuda, which is a very unique place that challenges our senses. The colors, sounds, smells and flavor of the atmosphere tempt us and pull us into this addictive setting. I tried to evoke this feeling in my quilt.

palette color palette

Six of my quilts will be shown during July and August 2014 at the Chase Family Gallery at the JCC in Greater Hartford, CT. The theme is Connecting Threads with a Jewish Tone. If you can visit the exhibit, it looks like a lovely gallery. Let me know how it is. I wish I could make it, but at least my quilts will be well travelled!

I prepared loads of quilted accessories for the fair at our synagogue. I worked around the clock and have loads of stock now. So, keep that in mind if you need any handmade gifts this summer.
Quilted Accessories
Textile Bags and Purses

Everyone come to the fair! Etz Chaim, Beit Shemesh. Thursday, 27 Feb. @ 5-9pm

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Decorative fiber bowls

Decorative fiber bowls

Well, it’s time for the fair. I am in frenzy mode. Working… Creating… Not sleeping… The house is a mess and I haven’t done any of the other tasks one should do when running a business EXCEPT making new stuff for the fair. It will be at our synagogue, Etz Chaim in Beit Shemesh on Thursday, 27 Feb. from 5-9 pm. I have been racking my brain to come up with some new artful, yet functional items. I think I have done it. You will tell me, I am sure. So, please come see me at the event.

There will be a bake sale in addition and something else they call a “White Elephant”. You know the adage, someone’s stuff is someone else’s treasure… That’s the Elephant part of the event.

I look forward to seeing you there. Come find something special for your self or the perfect gift and support exceptional, colorful, handmade art and craft at my table. Thanks!

The dimensions of fiber art…

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Silhouetted Studio Dancers

Silhouetted Studio Dancers

Welcome to my amazing journey into the world of quilt art. I have been creating art from fabric for many years and have a lot to show you and talk about. I use this forum to share my thoughts about art and everything that surrounds art. These are my musings and reflections and I hope they help inspire you.
If you want to see photos of my art work, visit Fiber Art. If you want to see my quilted accessories, visit my Quilted Decor & Fashion Gallery. To see what is available for purchase, visit My Etsy Shop.  If you want to contact me, visit Contact Me.

This is my latest creation… just to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to lately.
Double click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

Scrappy Lap Quilt

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scrappy quilt

I belong to a quilters group in Modein Israel that has a lovely tradition. A paper bag is passed around and we drop our scraps into the bag. Then the bag goes home with one of the members at the end of each meeting. The challenge is to make something unique from the scraps. I decided to make a scrappy quilt from the leftovers in the bag when it was my turn. I added the blue fabric for the sashing and back, but the rest was made exclusively from scraps. No two blocks are the same.
Dimensions: 52.5″ x 41″ / 132 cm x 104cm
So what do you say?
Would you like to join our challenge? Contact me. It’s great fun!

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