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Jerusalem Post features quilting in Israel

The Jerusalem Post weekend supplement, In Jerusalem, featured an article on 20 September 2017, “Quilting Puts Israel on the Map.” The article discusses the Israel Quilters Association and also quotes Elsy Menko, the chairwoman of the organization of quilters in Israel. In addition the article discusses the current exhibit, “Home,” which is showing for a few more days at the Jerusalem Theater.

A portion of the article is devoted to interviewing me as well and a photo showing my 2nd place winning quilt is included in the article. “Put up Your Feet and Take It Easy,” is a quilt showing my family members lounging in our living room together. Family is the epitome of Home for me! I find feet to be particularly expressive and this is the second quilt I have done involving feet that won a prize. The first quilt, called Sole Mates, is a quilt of my daughter and son-in-law as they stood together at a family gathering. Sole Mates is showing early November at the International Quilt Association 2017 exhibit, “Hands All Around” in Houston.

The article is also available online if you have a subscription to the Jerusalem Post daily e-paper.

Jerusalem Post Magazine article: Quilting puts Israel on the map, page 1

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Quilting, Israeli Style

A very nice YouTube  video has just been released about quilting in Israel for the Ministry of Tourism. It’s an inspiring piece and I would like to share it with you all.
Eventually quilting in Israel will take on a middle-eastern taste although the roots of quilting are not from this region. It’s fascinating to watch this evolution.



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Etsy Quiltsy team: Traveling quilt blocks

The Quiltsy Team on Etsy has organized a round robin quilt. This time the blocks come from all over the world, including Canada, Australia, Israel and many parts of the US. The pattern is log cabin and the color range is blues, greens and purples. Each time someone posts a block, she sends a photo with the block within a scene indigenous to her home. All the posts appear in the Quiltsy Blog.I took a photo of my block on a windy day while standing in front of the ancient wall at Tel Tzora, Israel, famous for Samson and Delilah, which is just a few minutes from our house.
Wikipedia writes: “Samson is believed to have been buried in Tel Tzora in Israel overlooking the Sorek valley. There reside two large gravestones of Samson and his father Manoah. Nearby stands Manoah’s altar (Judges 13:19-24). It is located between the cities of Tzorah and Eshtaol.”

Quiltsy round robin quilt block and me, in front of tel Beit Shemesh Log cabin block for Quiltsy quilt

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Round robin quilt

I agreed to join a round robin quilt with the Quiltsy Team on Etsy. The idea is that everyone who participates makes a block and helps assemble it into rows. Then someone connects all the rows. Someone else quilts it and it goes up for sale in the Team store. Proceeds help to promote the members art. It’s a nice idea and it is a way to meet other quilters around the world. I am looking forward to it.