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Jerusalem Post features quilting in Israel

The Jerusalem Post weekend supplement, In Jerusalem, featured an article on 20 September 2017, “Quilting Puts Israel on the Map.” The article discusses the Israel Quilters Association and also quotes Elsy Menko, the chairwoman of the organization of quilters in Israel. In addition the article discusses the current exhibit, “Home,” which is showing for a few more days at the Jerusalem Theater.

A portion of the article is devoted to interviewing me as well and a photo showing my 2nd place winning quilt is included in the article. “Put up Your Feet and Take It Easy,” is a quilt showing my family members lounging in our living room together. Family is the epitome of Home for me! I find feet to be particularly expressive and this is the second quilt I have done involving feet that won a prize. The first quilt, called Sole Mates, is a quilt of my daughter and son-in-law as they stood together at a family gathering. Sole Mates is showing early November at the International Quilt Association 2017 exhibit, “Hands All Around” in Houston.

The article is also available online if you have a subscription to the Jerusalem Post daily e-paper.

Jerusalem Post Magazine article: Quilting puts Israel on the map, page 1

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Featured Article in Art Quilting Studio

Art Quilting Studio just released their Summer 2017 issue and I have a featured article in the current magazine. It’s so exciting to see my work in print and to share my techniques. My article contains photos of “Sole Mates” and “Discovery”. These two pieces have won prizes and have been exhibited internationally. “Sole Mates” will be showing in the International Quilt Festival in Houston in November 2017. “Discovery” is currently part of a SAQA exhibit in Europe.

I am really pleased with the article. It’s a high-level periodical that comes out twice a year. It is sold on news stands if anyone wants to get a copy. There are great articles and I am proud to have mine among them. More information about the issue is here:
Art Quilting Studio, Summer 2017

Art Quilting Studio Summer

Art Quilting Studio web page

Hope you enjoy!

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Free motion quilting on the Handi Quilter Avante longarm

I want to share my latest accomplishment. This time I made a bed quilt for my kids on my Handi Quilter Avante longarm machine. It took me a little bit of time to make friends with my new machine. I will admit I was slightly intimidated even though I had been trained to use it by the trained staff at Handi Quilter in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a change from my comfortable home machine — moving the machine rather than the fabric — and the speed was just incredible. However, it didn’t take long for me to see the merits of my new friend. I definitely found a new comfort zone. Continue Reading →

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International Retailer for Handi Quilter in Israel

Handi Quilter logo

I have very exciting news. I just came back from a great trip to the US where I met and learned from the great team at Handi Quilter.
I am now going to be selling the Handi Quilter long-arm and mid-arm machines in Israel. So if you are interested in exploring this opportunity, drop me a line or give me a call.
The Handi Quilter machines are very powerful, graceful machines that will enhance your quilting experience immensely.
There are three machines that would most likely fit the needs of quilters in Israel.

Avante Long-arm
Sweet Sixteen
Simply Sixteen

I can give you all the information you need about these machines, import them for you door to door, install them and teach you to use them.
Speak to you soon.

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Quilted Fiber Art Landscapes of Israel, Commissioned Series for a Spiral Staircase

This series of six quilts was made as a commission for someone who plans to hang the quilts along her spiral staircase.
It was the best commission ever! I took the photos and she chose the ones she liked best.
Each quilt is the same size, 12″ x 22″ and bordered with the same fabric. But that’s where the similarity ends!
They are all beautiful places in Israel — that’s why I enjoyed making them so much!

Art quilt of Safed for spiral staircaseJerusalem windmill art quilt for spiral staircaseArt quilt of the Western wall for spiral staircase


Sea of Galileeart quilt of the negev for spiral staircaseart quilt of the Mediterranean Sea grottos for spiral staircase

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I won a prize!!! “Opposites” quilt exhibit, Jerusalem theater

Sole Mates by Cindy Richard “Opposites” quilt exhibit, Jerusalem theater. I called it Sole Mates.

She sat on his lap. She was elegant and careful about her outward show. He wore baggy pants and scoffed up shoes. They were opposites in their appearance but they were attracted to each other because opposites attract. They were soul mates and also “sole mates”!

The exhibit will run through 10 October 2015. Continue Reading →

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Wonderful exhibit of color opens at Beit Gavriel, Israel

 Rainbows of the Jerusalem Market, Cindy Richard

Rainbows of the Jerusalem Market, Cindy Richard

My piece, Rainbows of the Jerusalem Market, is included in the wonderful exhibit, Color Palette, which opened on Friday, 8 May 2015. The exhibit, which will run for the month of May, is being shown at the gallery overlooking the Kineret in Beit Gavriel, Israel. The exquisite art is shown in lovely light across from a luscious view of the Sea of Galilee. The exhibit is run by the Israel Quilters Association . Continue Reading →

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Unity Quilts Israel

Unity quilts Israel 1 Sometimes good can come out of a horrible event. That’s what has occurred as a result of the brutal killings of three lovely, innocent teens in Israel. The Jewish population was galvanized to find the boys and once the truth was known — that they had been senselessly murdered — the country mourned together. As a result of their deaths, Israel retaliated, only to discover the dangers in Gaza that awaited us. I never think things happen just by chance. Continue Reading →

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Fiber art exhibit: Connecting Threads

connecting-threads poster There is a an upcoming Fiber Art exhibit in Greater Hartford at the Mandell JCC, Chase Family Gallery.
The theme is Connecting Threads of Jewish artists around the world. The curator, Diane Cohen, made a promo video to show the exhibit quickly. Here is a link to the video.
Video of the exhibit

The exhibit runs from July 8 — Aug 31.
335 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford, CT
Opening July 8 6-8pm

I am especially excited because I have 6 pieces in the exhibit! (Check out the top left piece on the poster!)
Come visit and enjoy.